How to get Birth Certificate in India?

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Birth Certificate is an official statement confirming the date of birth, birth place, sex and name of the new born baby. Birth Certificate proves the legal existence of an individual and registration of this event is a source of basic vital data of the population to which they belong.

Following are the uses of Birth Certificate.

  • For deriving benefits under social welfare schemes

  • First right of the child

  • To establish identity

  • Conclusive proof of age

    • Care and protection of juveniles

    • Admission to school

    • Preparing driving license, passport, etc.

    • Proof for right to vote

  • Entry into the National Population Register


Birth Certificate is to be provided by the Registrar. Responsibility of registrar has been assigned to several differently designated officers/officials 

At local level, Registrar can be Health officer/Executive officer of MC/Nagar Palika/In-charge PHC/CHC/Block Development Officer/Panchayat official/Gram Sevak.

Sub-registrar can be Medical Officer Dist. Hospital/CHC/ PHC/Teacher/Village level worker/Panchayat Officials/Computer/Registration Clerk, etc.

Documents Required

Following documents are required to register Birth.

  • Proof of place of birth

  • Parent's identity proof.

  • Marriage certificate of the parent (optional)

Process to register Birth

For new born babies, the person applying for birth certificate should fill a form (Form-1 for births) at the hospital, which the hospital will then send to office of registrar. The Registrar will provide the certificate, which can then be collected at a specified date.

The name of the child can be specified in the initial application itself, making the procedure easier. Alternatively, parents can add the name later at the registrar office before they collect the actual certificate, or they can collect the certificate and then apply for name inclusion anytime before the child turns 14, and an updated certificate can be obtained.

However, birth can occur at many places such as

  • House [Residential or Non-residential], or

  • Institution [Medical / Non-medical](Hospital / Jail / Hostel /Dharamshala, etc.), or

  • Other places (Public / Any other place).

Details of who should inform the Registrar in these cases are mentioned below.

Birth registration places informants notifiers

An Informant is the individual who has been designated to report within the prescribed time period, the fact of occurrence of a birth or still birth along with certain of its characteristics to the Registrar for the purpose of registering the birth. This information is to be provided to the Registrar, either orally or in Form 1: Birth Report Form

Notifier is a person who notifies to the Registrar in prescribed form and time, every birth or death or both at which she / he attended or was present at or which had occurred in the area under jurisdiction of the Registrar.

Delay in Birth registration

The time period for notifying occurrence of the birth or still birth event to the Registrar is 21 days from the date of birth.For events reported for registration within 21 days of occurrence, copy of extracts of prescribed particulars from Birth Register will be provided free of charge.

The information on occurrence of the event can also be reported to you after the expiry of 21 days. Such events fall under the category of delayed registration as under:

  • More than 21 days but within 30 days of its occurrence

  • After 30 days but within one year of its occurrence

  • Beyond one year of its occurrence

Delay in Birth Registration Birth Certificate Online


Delayed registration is subjected to payment of a late fee and permission of the prescribed authority.

  • Birth event, information on which is given to the Registrar after expiry of 21 days but within 30 days of its occurrence, shall be registered on payment of late fee of Rupee Two

  • Birth event, information on which is given to the Registrar after 30 days but within one year of its occurrence, shall be registered only with the written permission of the prescribed authority and on the production of an affidavit made before a notary public or any other officer authorized in this behalf by the State Government and payment of a late fee of Rupee Five

  • Birth event which has not been registered within one year of its occurrence, shall be registered only on an order made by a magistrate of the first class after verifying the correctness of the event and payment of a late fee of Rupee Ten

Delayed Birth Registration Process

In case, the birth is not already registered at the time of birth, following documents are required to get Birth Certificate, 

  • Get Non-Availability Certificate from the Registrars office. The Non-Availability Certificate is an acknowledgement or endorsement from the authorities stating that the certificate is not available with them. Applicants have to fill a form and submit it to the Registrar, who will then verify the data and issue the acknowledgement

  • Joint Photo Affidavit of Parents

  • School Leaving Certificate

  • Photo ID of Applicant

  • If the Child is born at residence, affidavit from Parents. In case of Hospital Birth, Certificate from Hospital.

Apply Online for Birth Certificate

Few of the state governments in India allow online application of birth certificates. Details of them are provided below.

Search Birth certificate online

If you belong to any of these States, check the website of that particular State whether they allow search and download of birth certificate. For example, Government of Kerala allows searching of the birth records based on Date of Birth,Gender and Mother’s Name as shown below.

Search Birth Certificate Online

So even if you lose the birth certificate, you can search for it and download it, provided your State digitised the birth records.

Change name in Birth Certificate

Correction can happen in Child's name, Parent's name (Minor Corrections, such as spelling mistakes, surname inclusion, initials inclusion), Address, Hospital Name or total name correction of Parents which alters the main name totally.

Please follow the below procedure for each of this.

a) Correction In Child's name

  • Request letter from the parent whose child name has to be corrected

  • Photo ID of Parents

  • Joint Affidavit of Parents

  • Educational document of the child whose name has to be corrected, if any.

b) Correction In Parent's name (Minor Corrections, such as spelling mistakes, surname inclusion, initials inclusion

  • Request letter from the person whose name has to be corrected

  • Photo ID of Parents

  • Joint Affidavit of Parents

  • Educational document of the Parent whose name has to be corrected

c) Correction in Address

  • Request letter from the person whose address has to be corrected

  • Address Proof

  • Photo ID of Parents

  • Joint Photo Affidavit

d) Total name correction of Parents which alters the main name totally

  • Order from the court only

e) Hospital Name

  • Request letter from the person whose birth certificate has to be corrected

  • A letter from Hospital/ Discharge Certificate copy

  • Photo ID of Applicant

Birth Certificate forms

Schemes for Pregnant/Lactating Women

There are various government scheme which provides cash benefits to pregnant and lactating mothers. So it is important that you get registered in these schemes. Under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, the pregnant women and lactating mothers will get Rs. 5000 as incentive to be paid in 3 installments from Government of India.

Various State governments have also come up with a similar scheme to provide allowances to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Mathrushree scheme is for pregnant women in Karnataka. As per this scheme, pregnant women will get a total allowance of Rs. 6000 from the Government of Karnataka.

Dr Muthulakshmi Maternity Benefit Scheme aims to provide financial assistance of  Rs. 18000 to poor pregnant mothers in Tamil Nadu for first 2 deliveries. Dr Muthulakshmi Maternity Benefit scheme also provides Amma Maternity Nutrition Kit aimed at providing iron tonic and nutritional supplements to pregnant women in Tamil Nadu.

KCR Kit and Amma Odi Scheme take complete care of pregnant women at every stage of pregnancy. As part of this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 12,000 will be provided for baby boy and Rs 13,000 for baby girl.

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