Tesz is the best way to get all your government related queries answered. To make it quick and easy, we are building a community of citizens, government departments, officers, consultants and experts to get your government related queries answered.

Who can use Tesz?

Citizens who have any queries related to government services can ask their queries on Tesz.

How does Tesz works?

Citizens can ask general queries related to the government services on Tesz. Query will be send to a community of government departments, officers, consultants, experts, and citizens to answer. Once the query is answered, the user who asked the question will be notified of the answer.

Who are you?

Tesz is a Kerala Startup Mission-backed company.

What does it cost?

Tesz is a free to use platform.

What's new about Tesz? What substitutes do people resort to because they don't know about it?

Citizens get their queries answered through the following methods.

  • Calling helpdesk (Timely but Not Scalable, Not Searchable)
  • Asking the questions on FB or Twitter (Not Scalable, Not Indexed by Google)
  • Asking questions on Quora (No surety of answer, No presence of Govt department/officer to answer it)
  • Visiting Government Offices ( Not scalable, more time required)

We combine the timely and authentic nature of “Helpdesk” with the timeless, searchable, compounding-knowledge nature of Quora.

Why are Government Departments answering through Tesz?

Tesz is the best way for Government Departments to answer citizen queries for multiple reasons.

  • Unlike other social media channels such as FB or Twitter, where people view the post of Government Departments in their newsfeed passively, each and every person who has viewed your answer on Tesz is by people who search for that specific question on the internet. If not for Tesz, this person would have either called the helpdesk or asked the question through social media channels, where the helpdesk has already answered the same query multiple times. So, each and every view department gets on Tesz is a minute saved for the helpdesk team in answering the queries.
  • Helpdesk spends a significant amount of time answering the same/similar questions. Our Ask/Search technology prevents anyone from asking the same/similar questions thereby reducing the load on the helpdesk.
  • Positive brand image in the mind of citizens when they get their queries answered directly by the Government Departments. The profile page of the department keeps track of the number of questions answered by the department, claps received for their answers, and the total number of views for their answers.

How do you onboard government departments?

Tesz is currently an invite only platform for Government Departments. We invite government departments based on the number of queries for their services on Tesz, presence of an active helpdesk in the government department etc. To be included in the invite list, you can drop a mail to tesz@tesz.in.

How do you establish the credibility of answers?

We intend to get the queries answered by the concerned government departments itself thereby having an inbuilt credibility with the answer.

For the rest of us, who answers the query, we establish a point-based system based on the number of claps received by them from other users in the community for their answers.

The answers which receive the most number of claps will be populated at the top. Also, the user which receives the largest number of claps is provided with medals and blue tick mark to establish their credibility in the community. Crossing of 50,100,200,400 and 800 claps milestone will add one medal each to users profile thereby establishing their credibility in the community.

Can I sell my services through Tesz?

Selected experts are allowed to sell their digital products through Tesz.

What Tesz can do?

Tesz will answer the following queries.

  • General queries which will be useful for all.
  • "How to" Queries: How to do it online, How to check status etc.
  • Procedure / Process-oriented queries
  • Queries on recently announced government schemes, programs, missions, competition, challenges etc.

What Tesz cannot do?

Tesz will not answer the following queries.

  • Tesz is not a grievance redressal portal. Tesz is modeled more like social media with features like claps, views etc.
  • Tesz is not a platform to ask RTI related queries.
  • Tesz is not a place to answer specific queries. Specific queries are queries that reveal the identity of the person who asks the query or someone else.

Which are the Government Departments answering on Tesz?

Tesz will not answer the following queries.

You can see the complete list here.

Who are the Experts answering on Tesz?

Here are a few of the top experts answering citizen's queries on our platform.

You can see the complete list here.

Awards and Recognition

Here are a few of our achievements.

  • Best E-Governance Startup Award from the Government of Kerala, 2021
  • Winner of Citizen Innovation Lab , by CIIE.CO, 2022
  • AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp Member,2021
  • Received Innovation Grant from Government of Kerala,2020

We were also mentioned across major publications such as The Hindu, Economic Times, Manorama Online, New Indian Express etc.