Make Government Helpdesk 100x efficient at ZERO cost

Answer Query Only Once
Answer the citizens' query only once on Tesz. We will get it indexed to Google. When someone searches for it, your answer comes up on Google. Valuable time of helpdesk is saved from answering the same query again.

Free of Cost
You can ask or answer for Free on Tesz. Just like having a social media account on Facebook or Twitter.

Save Millions in Helpdesk Efforts
Citizens come to Tesz when they have a query related to Government. So, each view on Tesz is a minute saved for the government helpdesk.

Generate Goodwill for Government
When a citizen sees an answer written by Government, it generates goodwill for the Government.

Trusted by Central & State Government Departments

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Government Department saves millions in helpdesk effort through Tesz at zero cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesz free to use?
Yes. Tesz is free to use.

How to start using Tesz?
You can just sign up and start answering on Tesz. It is similar to registering on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

What kind of queries are answered on Tesz?
Only “How-to” queries related to government schemes and processes are answered on Tesz.

We have FAQ section. Why should we answer on Tesz?
FAQ section provides answers to a limited set of queries. Citizens ask a wide range of queries on Tesz. Also, as per various reports, Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithm every year. We invest in our SEO to rank on the front page of Google.

We have a chatbot. Why should we answer on Tesz?
Citizen's journey starts on Google. The results of chatbot are not shown on Google. Answers on Tesz are shown on Google.

What if I have more queries related to Tesz ?
You can mail to to get your queries answered.

Answer efficiently instead of answering the same query

Free to use

No commitments

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