How we compiled the Best Citizen Caring Government Departments list:

To compile the list, we use a combination of quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Quantitative aspects include engagement (number of answers, claps received, views), response time and consistency in answering. We also take in to consideration the rating provided by the citizens for each of the answers of departments.

Our next filter is qualitative. A good quality answer contains the process to follow and documents that are required for the application along with the timelines and other important details. Once the citizen has read the answer there will not be scope for further questions as all the aspects are mentioned in the answer itself. A bad-quality answer is generally short and tries to redirect questions without clear steps to help citizens. Example: Check NVSP portal, Visit RTO, Call Toll Free Number of Dept. etc.

List is compiled over a 12-month period, from December 11, 2022 to December 10, 2023. Departments which answer a minimum of 40 queries on Tesz are eligible to be included in the list.