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Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on April 23, 2019

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Name of the Service High Security Number Plate
Beneficiaries Citizens of India
Application Type Online/Offline

High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) or High-Security Number Plate is a non-breakable number plate built on a 1 mm Aluminium Sheet that has a chromium-based IND Hologram. These number plates are said to be non-removable and non-reusable due to snap lock. They cannot be removed due to snap-lock even when broken and only the RTO can replace same. They are tamper-proof plates and minimise the risk of being stolen. If anyone tries to remove the number plate, it becomes unusable. This prevents anyone from using fake number plates.

 HSRP Benefits High Security Number Plate

Features of High-Security Number Plate

The high-security registration plates come with several security features. They are made out of aluminium and are wrapped in reflective tapes. These are tamper-proof and are equipped with chrome-based hot-stamp self-destructive holograms, along with an image of the Ashoka Chakra; retro-reflective film, bearing a verification inscription 'India' at a 45-degree inclination; and the permanent identification number of minimum 7 digits which will be laser branded into the reflective sheeting on the bottom-hand side of the registration plate.

hsrp high security number plate bike car snap lock

The plates are fixed with tamper-proof non-removable, non-reusable snap locks, which will break on any attempt to remove the plates. Pre-fitted HSRPs are likely to cut down on the cases of vehicle theft and fraud in the country.

hsrp high security number plate car snap lock

Along with HSRP Plate, a Color Coded Fuel Sticker (Light Blue for Petrol and CNG, Orange Sticker for Diesel) will also be issued by the respective RTO, which needs to be affixed on the car windshield. 

Documents Required for High-Security Number Plate

Following documents are required for obtaining High-Security Number Plate

  • Application on plain paper mentioning the detail of Chassis Number, Engine Number, Make, Model

  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the vehicle

  • Copy of Valid Insurance


 The price for a complete set of Registration Plate inclusive of Snap Lock and fixing is as follows

  • Scooters, Motor-Cycle and Moped – INR 69

  • Three-wheeler (Passengers and goods) and invalid carriages – INR 86

  • Light Motor Vehicle/Passenger Cars (excluding tractor) – INR  213

  • Tractors – INR 69

  • Medium Commercial Vehicle / Heavy Commercial Vehicle / Trailer combination - INR 220

HSRP Installation

HSRPs are mandatory for cars manufactured after April 1, 2019. No vehicle is supposed to be delivered without these plates. 

The local RTO assigns the number, which is then submitted to the vendor. The vendor delivers the HSRP to the dealer within 24 hours. The person in charge of deliveries drills holes into the plates and fixes them to the car using rivets. Photos of the chassis number and the plates are then uploaded on the Vahan app. Both plates have a unique laser-etched serial number and a sticker with the vehicle details is fixed on the windscreen. 

New cars sold after May 2, 2019, must have HSRPs installed. The dealership can be fined if a vehicle is spotted without these. Also, in case a vehicle has bodywork damage around the bumper area and requires a re-paint, the existing plates have to be removed and new plates must be ordered by paying a fee.

Apply Online for High-Security Number Plate

As installing of high-security number plates comes under the jurisdiction of respective State RTOs, different States have a different processes to install it. Some of the States even allow online booking of the appointment to affix number plates.




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