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Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on April 23, 2019

Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an initiative of the Government of India under Digital India program to digitize physical records and reduce piles of papers stored in record rooms or offices of Government, Government organizations and even non-Governmental private organizations. It allows organizations not only to free their warehousing real estate but enables them to keep their records longer and in safer environment.


There are 3 stakeholders in Digitize India Platform.

  1. Digital Contributors

    • Any Indian citizen with an Aadhaar Number can become a Digital Contributor (DC) and perform simple data entry tasks on the DIP. For every verified and correct task performed, the Contributor will earn reward points. They can redeem the reward points into monetary value or donate them to the Digital India initiative.

  2. User Organizations

    • Government departments, Public Sector Organization and Autonomous bodies can become an user organization and utilize Digitization Service provided by DIP. A user Organization can submit their records for digitization to platform operator. The records should preferably be in a scanned image format. However, organizations who wish to submit physical records will have to pay for scanning separately.

  3. Platform operator (CSC SPV)

    • The platform operator will help in the onboarding of user organization, pre-processing the scanned document images, creating templates for pages being digitized and delivering the digitized data to the user organization. Platform operator will remunerate the Digital Contributors for their earned reward points.


You can digitize any document image that is human readable and has a defined structure like a printed form or a register with defined rows & columns. However it is suggested that you digitize only those documents which are generated in high volume, have a similar document structure and need frequent access.

DIP can process and extract multi-lingual text, numeric and alphanumeric data from the document images.

Benefits for Government Agencies

Digitized data extracts generated by DIP will help your organization to:

  • Index your document images by using the data extracts as meta-data tags

  • Manage, retrieve and access your document images more efficiently through keyword based search

  • Use the data extract as automated data inputs in your IT applications avoiding manual data entry

  • Safeguard against physical disasters by replicating the data across different media and locations

  • Digitally archive the documents saving space and costs

Benefits for Digital Contributor

  • Redeem your rewards to generate additional earnings

  • Utilize your available time for a meaningful purpose

  • Enhance your IT skills

  • Increase your employability opportunities

  • Get recognized as a Digital Contributor

  • Earn certificate as a Data Entry Operator

  • Contribute to the building of Digital India

Eligibility Criteria

In order to become a Digital Agent, you need to satisfy the following criteria.

  • Applicant should be an Indian Citizen

  • Applicant should have Aadhaar card

Apply to become Digital Contributor

Digitize India Platform

  • Enter your Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Aadhaar.

Digitize India Platform Aadhaar Validation

  • Click on Validate Aadhaar

  • Once you have validated Aadhar, Enter your Username, Password,Email ID and Mobile Number

Digitize India Platform Register Apply Online

  • Click on Register Now

  • Once you Register and login to the website, you need to fill up your personal profile details.

  • Get your Bank account linked to Aadhaar. DIP would query your Bank to get the status.

  • Activate your mobile account by entering the One Time Password received on your registered mobile number

Digitization at CSC

Any organization (Government Department/Government organization/private organization) can submit their records for digitization to Common Service Centers (CSC). The records should preferably be in a scanned image format. However, organizations who wish to submit physical records will have to pay for scanning separately.

The CSC helps creating template of pages being digitized and submits the template for approval of organization submitting the records for organization. The data/records are thereafter processed for digitization.

Quality Checks

DIP uses multiple levels of quality checks for verification and validation of the data. It uses image validation technique to ensure that only similar types of documents are processed in a batch. It uses pre-defined field level validations to ensure correct data type entered by the crowd workforce and multi-level data value comparisons through a maker-checker process for data accuracy and quality check. Human validation is used for data fields that fail the automated quality checks. In future DIP will be using pre-defined data dictionaries and machine learning algorithms for higher levels of data accuracy and quality.

Data Privacy and Security

  • DIP is hosted on CSC SPV secure cloud infrastructure that provides restricted access only to authorized personnel.The data transmission from the cloud to the crowd is secured through industry standard encryption algorithms and protocols like SSL and HTTPS.

  • The data from the documents is distributed to the crowd in fragments through a randomization algorithm that ensures that no individual gets more than a fixed number of randomly assigned fields making it difficult to identify the type of the data or the document.

  • The data extracts generated for an organization can be accessed only by authorized personnel of the organization with system assigned ids and passwords.

  • The identity and authentication of the crowd agents are done through Aadhar number using the UIDAI database and every crowd agent is assigned a unique user id and password.

  • The system maintains an audit log of all the transactions including login details, locations, machine id etc. and will soon have a fraud engine to monitor suspicious transactions.

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