When is a person possessing a property is eligible to receive the pattayam of the property held by him?

You have not mentioned the type of land in possession whether it is govt purampoku or tenancy possession. If the land is tenancy possession, you have to prove the date of possession prior to 01.01.1970. If it is govt land, possession from 01.08.74 to be proved for occupancy..Otherwise I think there is no period of possession to apply for pattayam. Occupied land means government land in possession before 01/08/71 and continuing. Beneficial enjoyment means government land required for the smooth enjoyment of the present private land in possession of the applicant….plz check the following type of pattayams and submit an application accordingly to the concerned Tahsildar..

1.Pattayam for Government land – Occupied land. – Kerala Land assignment Act.
2.Pattayam for Government land – Un occupied land. – Kerala Land assignment Act.
3.Pattayam for Government land – Beneficial enjoyment. – Kerala Land assignment Act.
4.Pattayam for Government land- Special purposes. – Kerala Land assignment Act.5.Pattayam for Private Land – Kudikidappu – Kerala Land Reforms Act.
6. Micha Bhoomi pattayam – Kerala Land Reforms Act.
5.Pattayam for Private Land –  KLR act Ref Act.
6. Micha Bhoomi pattayam – Kerala Land Reforms Act.

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