How to convert license number 5/9308/2014 from Kerala to this new format in Digilocker?

Answered on September 19,2021

Use mparivahan app for RC and License addition which is equivalent to digilocker and also valid for Rto checking. The vehicle details such as insurance and pollution details are also automatically updated along with rc details so no need to carry physical documents while travelling is required. For your license number it will be KL0520140009308. Here 2014 is the year, 9308 is the license number and 5 is the rto code (KL05). This format is not given anywhere and causes a lot of confusion to users. Hope this helps.

Kiran Kiran
Answered on March 12,2020

For downloading Driving License from Digilocker, you have to enter your driving license in a specific format.

SS - Two character State Code (like RJ for Rajasthan, TN for Tamil Nadu etc)
RR - Two digit RTO Code
YYYY - 4-digit Year of Issue (For Example: If year is mentioned in 2 digits, say 99, then it should be converted to 1999. Similarly use 2012 for 12).
NNNNNNN- Rest of the numbers are to be given in 7 digits. If there are less number of digits, then additional 0's(zeros) may be added to make the total 7.

You can try entering it in any of the below formats.

KL-0520140009308 or KL05 20140009308

Total number of input characters should be exactly 16 (including space or '-').

If it is still not working, then please check if you can view your DL on the National Register of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) with this same data that you are entering on DigiLocker. If you are able to successfully view your data on National Register, only then you will be able to fetch it on DigiLocker.
To check your DL on National Register, please visit the link
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