What is the procedure for tharam matom - land conversion nilam to purayidom in Kerala ?

Nilam - purayidom  Land conversion or Tharam mattom in Kerala

The register containing details of all types of land ( Basic Tax Register or BTR ) in a village is maintained in a village office.  The Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland Act was enacted on August 12, 2008, to protect fields and wetlands . Accordingly the list of all types of Wetland and Paddy land known as Data Bank  has been published. How ever, the law permits restricted conversion or “tharam mattom” of  Nilam land to purayidom and subsequent changes in the BTR.  

Is my land eligible for tharam mattom?

1. If the land is mentioned as Nilam in the BTR   and not included in the Data Bank  but physically converted as purayidom before 12/08/2008  there is provision  to regularize the land by remitting prescribed fee.  After regularization by the Revenue Divisional officer, the category of land mentioned  in the BTR will be changed to Purayidom.  

2. If the land is mentioned as Nilam in the BTR ,  included in the Data Bank  and physically appeared as Nilam/wetland  tharam mattom is not allowed but  there is provision  to permit the land for conversion of 10 cents in Panchayath area and 5 cents in municipal area for construction of house if the applicant has no other house sites. This facility is not available for those  who purchased land before 12/08/2008.

3. If the land is mentioned as Nilam in the BTR  and not included in the Data Bank  but physically converted as Purayidom before 04/07/1967  there is provision  to regularize the land by remitting fee at concessional rate .  Also there is possibility for free conversion as per KLU order.

How can I apply for Land conversion?

Normally there are two processes.  If your land is wrongly notified in the data bank it has to be de notified. So check the status of your land in the data bank and apply for de notification of the land if it is included.  After de notification,  you can apply for regularization. If your land is not included in the data bank, you can directly apply for regularization ( Tharam mattom ).   You can apply online and there are several performa  for each type of application as follows.

Form 1: For conversion of   Nilam for house sites ( 10 cents/5cents.)

Form 5: For exemption ( de notification ) of land wrongly notified in the data bank.

Form 6: For tharam mattom below 50 cents.

Form 7: For tharam mattom above 50 cents.

Form 9: For tharam mattom of land converted before 04/07/196

What are the documents to be attached?

1. Copy of ownership document.

2. Copy of Land tax receipt.

3. Possession certificate.

4. Sketch of the land from a licensed surveyor.

5.  Affidavit.

How much fee I have to pay ?

Application fee – de notification – Form 5 -  Rs 100

Application fee – tharam mattom– Form 6,7 or 9 -   Rs 1000

Fee for tharam mattom  ( Status of land as on 30/12/2017 will be the basis)

1. For tharam mattom up to 25 cents  -  Free.

2. Above 25 cents upto 1 acre  - 10% of the fair value

3. Above 1 acre   - 20% of the fair value

4. Building area exceeds 3000 sq ft.  - Rs 100 for each additional sq ft.   

What are the other important points I have to be aware of?

1. Conversion for house site is not possible if the wet land is purchased after 12/08/2008.

2. Tharam mattom is not possible if the land is physically wet and notified.

3. If the area exceeds 50 cents 10% of the land should be reserved for water conservation.

4. Specific time limit has been given in the act for each process. But  a delay of 6 moths is common in getting the land conversion order.

5. After getting the tharam mattom order from the revenue divisional officer, order to change the BTR will be issued by Tahsildar (LR).

6.  The fee shall be remitted online or in the treasury under the head of account “0029- 800-88-Receipts collected under the Kerala Conservation of Paddy land and Wetland (Amendment) Act, 2018”.

7. For the calculation of fee for  tharam mattom, fair value of  adjacent purayidom will be the basis.

8. If the total area of land eligible for conversion exceeds 25 cents you cannot apply for free conversion by dividing the land to small plots. Fee has to be remitted for all small plots.

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