What is the role of BBMP, BMRDA, BDA while buying land or constructing a building in Bangalore?

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Answered on February 01,2018

Few guidelines on which agency you should approach while engaging in real estate activities in Bangalore:

  • If you are a builder who is seeking approval for building and layout plans, you should approach the BDA.
  • The BBMP collects property taxes, and maintains the layouts of buildings according to the plans approved by the BDA. The BBMP also provides “Khata” or documentation.
  • The BBMP provides specific guidelines regarding the construction and maintenance of drainage, road, and amenities while developing land.
  • It is not safe to purchase a plot of land that is approved by the Gram Panchayat but not by BDA. It would be difficult to get financing from external sources. 
  • In urban Bangalore, the BDA is supposed to give a No Objection Certificate (BDA) while building on a piece of property. In rural Bangalore, you should approach the BMRDA.

The BDA provides two types of No Objection Certificate (NOC). The first is to certify that the agency had not tried to acquire that plot of land. The second is to certify that the BDA approves the residential layout plan of the builder. It is necessary to acquire both NOCs before developing land.

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