How to get Building Licence for construction from Town Panchayats limit in Tamil Nadu?

Procedure: If an applicant has an approved plot within Town Panchayat limit he can apply for licence for construction of building from the Town Panchayat.  The application for  licences shall be in the form  as in Annexure III or IV whichever is applicable.

The   application should  accompany the following documents:

  1. Site Plan

  2. Building Plan with section and elevation with foundation,door, window, septic tank etc., details indicated 

    in the plan.

  3. Plan showing the disposal of waste. 

  4. Copy of document for ownership of land. 

  5. Copy of estimate.

To  assist  the applicant in the  preparation  of  plan according  to  specifications, the Town  Panchayat  has  licenced private  building surveyors who are qualified for preparation  of plans and estimates on payment of charges. 

The  application may also be submitted by a person  who has a registered power of attorney from the owner. 


The  application  duly filled in and the  Plan  duly signed  shall  be presented at the Town  Panchayat  Office.   The licence  fees  payable as per schedule of rates notified  by  the concerned  Town  Panchayat shall be paid in  the  Town  Panchayat Office.   The  record  of  receipt of payment  will  be  made  in application  besides  giving  the  applicant,  the  receipt   for payment. 

If the plot lies in a scheme , area development charges as  notified by the local authority have also to be paid.   Proof of  payment  as  the case may be, has to  be  enclosed  with  the application.   The licenced private buitling surveyor will  guide the applicant on these matters.

After completion of these formalities, the  application shall   be   presented   in  the  Town   Panchayat   Office   and acknowledgement obtained. 

Form for Building Licence

Source: This answer is sourced from the portal of Directorate of Town Panchayat, Tamil Nadu.
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