I have a plot in Yamare Village, Sarjapura. Plot is in a layout approved by Anekal Planning Authority and RERA. Who would be the concerned authority to get the G plus 2 building approval?

Vikas Kumar Vikas Kumar
Answered on December 09,2022

Process 1:  From Yamare Panchayat

1.Visit Yamare Panchayat office along with all property documents.

2.Get a details plan( Structural, Electrical etc with all details)

3. Get cost estimation from architect

4. Panchayat personal will evaluate fee based on construction cost mentioned by Architect and need to pay some % of that total cost and after that evaluation of plan will get approval.

Here approval cost is more approx 40-45K

Process 2: Approval from Anakel Planning 

1. Get all above mentioned documents and get approval from Anakel planning authority

2. Pay some minimal fee and get it approved(Approx 10-12K )

3. Submit the one set of  approval  letter to Yamare Panchayat.

Process to get approval from Anakel PA:

1. Outside of Anakel PA buliding some shops are there who will give you building plan as per law and get it approved also with some bribe but total cost will be 10-15K only.

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