What are the documents required for Khata transfer ?

The documents required are as follows.

  • Aadhaar
  • Sale deed copy with notary public attested
  • Tax paid receipt (Current year)
  • Encumbrance certificate (from the date of sale deed to current year)
  • Previous owner’s khata certificate.
  • Occupation certificate (Optional)

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Kailas Kailas
Answered on February 02,2018

The following documents are required for Transfer of Khatha from one person to another based on the documents like sale deed, will, gift deed, family partition, release deed, in respect of properties already having khatha:-  

  • Application in prescribed form  
  • Title documents, flow chart of the title  
  • Copy of upto date tax paid receipt  
  • Affidavit regarding / inheritance / gift / court decree.  
  • Original Death certificate in case of Kathadar’s death

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