What are citizens asking to various State Governments in India ?

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We have done an analysis of the most searched query/ asked questions on our platform in the last 3 months prior to August 15, 2020, to identify the trending topics in each of the States in India. Similar to the diversity in language, food and culture, each state in India and its citizens ask different queries regarding government schemes and processes. A list of major queries asked by people of different States in India is provided below.


People of Kerala ask about the process to obtain various certificates from the Revenue Department such as Possession Certificate, Community Certificate, Location Certificate etc. A significant number of people have also asked queries regarding Life Mission Scheme which provides free housing for all the homeless in Kerala.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, people care more about the process to access Patta Chitta details of their land through online. A good number of people also search about the process to retrieve their forgotten CAN number to access the ESevai website.


Even though it was lockdown, the major query regarding Karnataka is the road tax to be paid in Karnataka for the vehicle bought from other States. People also ask about the process to check their land-related details through the Bhoomi portal.


In spite of the fact that this research was done only for 3 months prior to August 15, 2020, the top most query in Telangana for more than 1 year is regarding the KCR KIT  scheme. KCR KIT scheme intends to take complete care of pregnant women at every stage of pregnancy by providing financial incentives and KCR Kit consisting of 16 items necessary to keep newborn babies warm and hygienic. However, the beneficiaries find it hard to track the status of the scheme as there seems to be no online tracking facility for KCR Kit scheme.

People of Telangana also search for Kalyana Lakshmi Shaadi Mubarak scheme and the process to check their land details online.

Andhra Pradesh

People of Andhra Pradesh check whether they meet the eligibility criteria for YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme.YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme is meant to protect the most vulnerable sections of society and provide pension in  12 different categories. People also have queries regarding various certificates such as OBC Certificate, Integrated Certificate etc.


The major query searched by people in Maharastra is regarding the Domicile Certificate. A significant number of people in Maharashtra seems to have misplaced their driving license and doesn’t know their driving license number. As they don’t remember their driving license number, they want to know whether they can find driving license numbers based on their name, date of birth, and other details. People of Maharashtra also searched for the process to obtain a firearm license as well.


MA Vatsalya Yojana which provides tertiary care support to people having an annual income of less than INR 3 lakhs in Gujarat is the most searched scheme in Gujarat. People of Gujarat also searched for the process to obtain firearm license as well.


Queries regarding OBC Caste Certificate and Mool Niwas Certificate are the most searched terms in Rajasthan.

Madhya Pradesh

Similar to Maharashtra, a significant number of people in Madhya Pradesh also seem to have misplaced their driving license and want to know whether they can find driving license number based on their name, date of birth, and other details.

Uttar Pradesh

Queries regarding driving license are the most searched in Uttar Pradesh as well.

EWS Certificate which provides reservation for economically backward candidates in general category is one of the most searched queries on Tesz.


Apart from the Driving License related queries,  people also check for the process to change their name.


Queries regarding lost driving license are the most searched in National Capital as well. People also ask queries regarding EWS renewal and OBC certificates.

Jammu and Kashmir

The process to obtain a Domicile Certificate is the most asked query from Jammu and Kashmir. People checked whether they are eligible for the scheme and they also want to know the documents required to submit the application form for becoming a domicile of J&K

Bihar & Jharkhand

Queries regarding firearm license, EWS Renewal, and misplaced driving license are most searched in Bihar and Jharkhand


People of Odisha check whether they are eligible for Kalia Scheme. Kalia scheme has been launched by the Government of Odisha to accelerate Agricultural Prosperity and reduce poverty in the State.

West Bengal

Queries regarding AHL TIN number is the most searched term in West Bengal. AHL TIN (Abridged House List – Temporary Identification Number) having 29 characters composed of concatenated values of code is available in the SECC urban data.


Queries regarding the EWS certificate is the most searched in Assam.

Thus, overall the citizens are actively seeking more information from the government answered and are actively joining the dialogue to enable forming better overall governance.

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Disclaimer: This research does not provide the actual search patterns or query patterns of the general population of the country. All the data mentioned here is sourced from Tesz’s google analytics and we receive around 90% of our traffic organically.