What is the password for an Aadhaar card in PDF ?

Lijo Lijo
Answered on July 05,2018

You can download Aadhaar from https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/#/

Aadhaar will be downloaded in PDF format and you need a password to open it.

Password to open Aadhaar is 8 characters long, with first four characters being the first four letters of your name written in CAPITAL letters (Name as mentioned in the Aadhaar card) and next four letter being your Year of Birth (in YYYY format).

Example 1: Your name is MANOJ H 
Your Year of Birth is 1990
Then your password is MANO1990
Example 2: Your name is AYN RAND
Your Year of Birth is 1999
Then your password is AYNR1999
Example 3: Your name is A.B. VARUN
Your Year of Birth is 2018 
Then your password is A.B.2018
Example 4: Your name is AYN 
Your Year of Birth is 2019 
Then your password is AYN2019

Reshma Reshma
Answered on February 03,2019

PDF password will be of 8 characters as shown below.