What is Suvarna Khata ?

Kevin Kevin
Answered on September 16,2019

Suvarna Khata is a method of application for Khata by which khata can be obtained from BBMP within seven days. This method was launched in 2006. One can apply for Suvarna Khata at single window counters at office of the Assistant Revenue Officers (ARO), BBMP. The application for Suvarna Khata along with supporting documents can be submitted at these counters.

Transfer of Khata can also be done within 7 days. Khatas for all properties can be collected after the said number of days from the same counters.

Some of the documents required for Suvarna Khata are

1) Copy of title deed
2) Tax receipt
3) Rough sketch of property
4) Remaining tax and khata extract fee

Application form for Suvarna Khata is available here.

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