What is “c/o” in an Aadhaar card ?

Jeevan Jeevan
Answered on August 22,2019

"C/o" in Aadhaar card means "care of".

In this field you can mention father’s name, husbands name etc.

The relation and the relative's name is a part of address field in Aadhaar. This was earlier mentioned as S/o D/o or W/o. UIDAI has now standardized it to C/o. Filling this is optional. In case if you don’t want to provide anything in C/O field then you can leave it blank.

Manu Manu
Answered on August 22,2019

C/o stands for Care of.

It is not compulsory to mention something under c/o if you don't want to. If you want to then you can mention your parent, spouse or the person you are staying with.