What is difference between A Khata Extract and B Khata Extract?

Raghav Raghav
Answered on February 01,2018

There are two types of properties. A-Khatha certificates are issues for properties which have been developed as per the sanctions. There will be valid licenses and approvals. If you possess A-Khata certificate, it is possible to get trade license or building license very easily. You will also be able to take loans from banks and financial institutions without any issues when you have access to the A-Khata Certificate.

If there are valid sanctions and approvals, B-Khatha certificates are issued. The certificate denotes that the tax to the property is being paid to the Government. B Khatha is not valid Khatha extract. You will not be able to get loans from financial institutions.

If there are minimal deviations in B-Khatha properties, they can be converted into A Khatha through building regularization. In order to apply for A Khatha certificate from B Khatha certificate, you should submit documents including DC converted property, complete tax paid statement and betterment charges for conversion needs.

Application for Khata extract Registration/ Transfer / Bifurcation /Amalgamation can be done through online or offline. If you apply through online, you should provide Old PID Number, Name of the Applicant and Email ID of the applicant along with other particulars. The original form can be submitted along-with other forms so that it will be processed and necessary clearances will be obtained.

Venu Venu
Answered on February 02,2018

Property listed under A Khata fall under BBMP Jurisdiction, while B khata properties fall under local jurisdiction. However, owners of B khata properties can upgrade to A khata by paying a fee known as 'Betterment Charges' along with appropriate documentation. It is advisable for property holders under B khata to upgrade since there are many advantages of owning an A Khata property. One such advantage is that owners of A khata properties are eligible to apply for bank loan.

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