What are the documents I need to transfer ownership of car to my name after my husband's demise?

Ganesh Ganesh
Answered on July 20,2019

You need the following documents for transfer of ownership on death of owner of the vehicle.

  • Form 31

  • Certificate of registration

  • Certificate of insurance

  • Death certificate in relation to the registered owner

  • Certificate of pollution under control*

  • PAN card (successor) or Form 60*

  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print*

  • Proof of Date of Birth of successor*

  • Proof of address*

  • Signature Identification of Seller*

  • Declaration by the applicant and all other Legal Heirs of the deceased*

  • Verification of vehicle on Form 20*

  • R.C. Book

  • Passport size photograph*

  • Proof of succession*

Documents marked with asterisk (*) may be required in some states.

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