I'm a local from Kerala and My fiance is a foreign national, and we wish to get registered married in kerala, but she will only be here for a week, is it possible to get married in short notice. If so what documents do we require ?

Immediately after the marriage takes place, apply for the registration of marriage to the local body where the marriage took place.

Documents to prove address and age of bride and groom, document issued by religious institution as proof of marriage or certificate in Form II, a copy of the bride's passport should also be given.

Two persons who attended the marriage must sign the application as witnesses.

Application can be submitted online or through Akshaya Kendras.

The bride and groom must also appear before the registrar to sign the marriage register.

The condition is that the marriage certificate should be issued within seven working days of application. But it doesn't usually take that much time to grant a certificate.

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