If I pay road tax in migrated state, will I get road tax refund from the state where I registered my car ?

Manu Manu
Answered on September 13,2019

Paying road tax alone will not help you to get refund.

Either the vehicle has to be mandatory registered in new state or the Old Registration has to be applied for cancellation post which only the refund application will be accepted for payment of Pro Rata Tax Amount

  • If you are thinking of Cancelling the Vehicle registration - then as per Motor Vehicle Act - you can cancel it in below situations.
  • If a motor vehicle has been destroyed or has been rendered permanently incapable of use
  • If the Vehicle moved in another state and re-registered in New State with necessary Confirmation and documents pertaining same been furnished
  • If RTO Observe that vehicle is in such a condition that it is incapable of being used or its use in a public place would constitute a danger to the public
  • If a registering authority is satisfied that a motor vehicle has been permanently removed out of India
  • If the Car Ownership Documents at a later date found fake or with forgery

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