I brought my bike from Andra Pradesh to Karnataka for a period of 6 months. Shall I get noc for my bike or without noc shall I ride my bike in city of Bangalore ?

Manoj Manoj
Answered on September 08,2019

If you go strictly by law, then you need to do the following.

  • Change address in RC book within 30 days of coming to Bangalore.
  • Pay Road Tax in Bangalore. Please note that the road tax is not to be paid for just 6 months. It has to be paid based on the age of the vehicle. The lifetime of a vehicle is considered to be 15 years. So if your vehicle is of 2 years old, then you need to pay tax for 13 years. After this, you have to then get a refund for tax paid in Hyderabad at the time of registration of the vehicle. For paying road tax in Bangalore, you can calculate it using road tax calculator in Karnataka.

You don't need to re-register your bike in Bangalore as you are staying in Bangalore for a short duration. Also, NOC is not required for any of the above process.

Practically speaking, as you are staying for a short duration and the above process is cumbersome, you can afford not to do both of the things mentioned above. However, it is up to you.


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