How to get senior citizen card in Karnataka online ?

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Answered on September 21,2022

Name of the Service : Senior Citizen Identity card

Whom to approach for this service (Designated Officer)?: District Disabled Welfare Officer

Procedure involved to get this service : After receiving the identity card from the identified NGOs the same will be verified registered and countersigned and issued by the District Disabled Welfare Officer with in seven working days from the date of receipt.

Who are eligible to get this service : Any person staying in Karnataka who has attained the age of 60 and above is eligible

Documents to be enclosed with the request :


Fee/Charges to be paid to get the service Rs 50

Maximum number of days to wait to get this service delivered : 21 Working Days

Whom to approach as a appeal (Competent Officer), if the service is not delivered in time or rejected by officer : Deputy Director Women and Child Development

Maximum number of days to wait to get the decision of the Competent Officer :15 Working Days

Whom to approach as 2nd appeal (Appellate Authority), if the decision of the Competent officer is not acceptable or not implemented? : Director

Maximum no. of days to wait to get the decision of Appellate Authority :15 Working Days

Website (if online) : 

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Sebastian Paul Miranda Sebastian Paul Miranda
Answered on November 10,2020

You can apply for Karnataka Senior Citizen Card from Seva Sindhu CSC Varthur.

Ramesh K Ramesh K
Answered on October 14,2023

You can apply for senior citizen card in karnataka ONLINE through sevasindhu services portal. Link is here.  For detailed procedure, follow this you tube video which is self explanatory : 

Neha Neha
Answered on February 03,2018

Currently, you cannot apply it online. However, you can download the senior citizen application form from the below link.

Fill the application and submit the form to the address mentioned in the form.

The Deputy Director of the Women and Child Development Department identifies NGOs in each district to issue these Identity Cards to senior citizens. The Senior Citizen Certificate can also be obtained from the concerned Tehsildar of the particular area. Nightingales Medical Trust has been authorised to issue Senior Citizen ID Cards in Bangalore. 

An application should also be written in a plain paper for the card. The application should be submitted along with the following documents:

  1. Proof of age (one of the following): Birth Certificate, Voter ID, PAN card, Aadhar card, DL (valid), Ration card, Passport (valid), Pension document, Educational certificate.
  2. Proof of name: The name given on the form should be the same as indicated in the supporting document. If the name has changed, proof of Govt. Gazette publication should be submitted or marriage certificate produced.
  3. Proof of address: (ANY 1): Aadhar, Voter's ID, Ration Card, DL (valid), Passport (valid), govt approved pension card, Rental agreement, Bank passbook, Electricity bill or Phone bill (BSNL landline).
  4. Doctor’s certificate: Required for blood group, illness/diseases, medication in use, and medication allergies. The certificate has to be on the doctor’s letterhead with his/her signature, stamp & registration number, a practitioner of Indian medicine with register number can also certify.
  5. Photographs:
    • a) 3 recent passport size photographs to be submitted along with the form.
    • b) 2 different photographs are not acceptable.
    • c) Black & White photographs are not acceptable.
  6. Rs.50/- (official government charge)
    • If applicant(s) are residing with their children/relatives/friends - Their address proof can be provided along with the proof of relation.
    • Once the card is ready, please ensure to collect your card and concession information booklet without fail.
    • Acknowledgment slip given at the time of submission of application should be retained for collecting the card.
    • Cost of card Rs. 50 only. No additional charges.

Manu Manu
Answered on June 13,2020

Please find below the complete details of applying for Senior Citizen card in Karnataka.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant must be at least 60 years of age.

    • The applicant must be a resident of Karnataka

  • Supporting Documents

    • Age proof

    • Address proof

    • Residence Certificate

    • Blood group report(If blood group details are provided)

  • Concerned Department: Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizen
  • Application Fee: Rs 0

  • Service Charge (Free for Online Submission): Rs 40

  • Delivery Time (Days): 21

  • Procedure for Applying.

    • You can apply through any of Bangalore One Centre, Karnataka One Centre, CSC or Online. You can download the application form from here as well.

    • The application is routed to the Programme Assistant at the respective district

    • Verification by the Programme Assistant. Recommendations of the Programme Assistant are sent to the District Disabled Welfare Officer (DDWO) for review

    • Verification by the DDWO. Approve or reject the application request.
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