I own a bike registered under Kerala Adoor RTO. For a short duration of time, I was in Bangalore. During that time, I paid the road tax in Janbharathi ( KA41), Bangalore for lifetime tax.Now its time for reregistration of bike. In the Parivahan website, its showing vehicle is registered under two RTO's.How to cancel the registration details from Bangalore RTO? The registration number is still KL only.

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Ragav Vijayadev (CD100 Kencha) Ragav Vijayadev (CD100 Kencha)
Answered on October 31,2022

Its a very common issue faced in RTO, during re-registration(RRC) or during TO(Transfer of Ownership). In this scenario, just lookup the registering authority name on the RC card (Bottom right corner) for ex: JnanaBharathi RTO(JNB), Jayanagar RTO(Bengaluru South) etc. 

Based on which RTO has last issued the RC, you need to physically visit the same RTO in person with the original RC card and ask the computer section clark in RTO to do a “Move history” which will be done in less than 2 minutes. They will ask you to produce the RC card and will hand it back to you immediately, as its just for authenticating ownership and to key in the registration number of the vehicle. This whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

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