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What is the procedure to get Khata Certificate in Bangalore?




Follow the below steps to register Khata.

  1. Obtain notarized copy of your sale deed
  2. Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) to register khata

Obtain an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) for your property to register khata. You will have to carry a copy of your sales deed for the same. Generally, an EC takes 7 days to be issued.

  1. Obtain application form to register khata

In order to apply for Khata, you need to obtain a khata registration form. The khata registration form can be obtained from any BBMP office or can be downloaded from the BBMP site. Note that the application form is same for khata registration, khata transfer, or khata modification.

  1. Fill up the application form to register Khata

Fill in the necessary details in the khata registration application form carefully. Make sure to enclose all the documents needed for the khata application procedure.

  1. Submit the application form to register khata

Submit the filled-in khata application form along with the required documents at the nearest BBMP office and get a sealed acknowledgment for the same.

  1. Check the status of your khata application

Visit the BBMP office in order to check the status of your khata application. If there is no response from the registration office even after 2 months of submitting your application, then file the RTI to seek information regarding your khata application status.

  1. Property assessment

When your application will get processed, a revenue officer from BBMP will personally visit your property for assessment and verification.

  1. Pay khata registration fee

Once your property is formally assessed by BBMP, you will receive a formal statement mentioning the details of your property, such as the property’s dimensions, its value according to BBMP’s assessment, tax liability, etc. You will be liable to pay a khata registration fee amounting to 2% of the property value as mentioned in the sale deed of your property. After you pay the khata registration fee, you will receive the notification to pay the pending property tax. This will indicate that the khata has been registered in your name. The khata extract will be issued in your name only after you pay the pending property tax.

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