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How to cancel NOC?




Once you take a NOC for using your vehicle in a different state than it is registered, you are bound to get re register in that new state and the original state's records will indicate that your vehicle has moved out to the other state to whom NOC is addressed. NOC normally have three or four copies.While two copies will be given to you with marking of the new RTO/City, the other NOC will be sent by registered AD from the original RTO where the vehicle was registered to the the new RTO/City. If due to some reason you are unable to go to the state where the NOC is issued or got back to the original state/RTO before reregistration is done, then you may have to obtain a Non Utilization certificate of your NOC from the RTO to whom this is endorsed. It appears from Motor vehicle act, that there is no clear-cut procedure for it nor any format for this.  Hence different RTO may have different practice on it. Where ever the RTO office is refusing to give this certificate, it would be essential you meet the RTO Incharge / Regional Transport Officer and seek his intervention. he can even give a plain paper certificate stating that the said vehicle is not registered in his RTO/State. With this certificate and also with an affidavit that there is no mis use and your request is genuine, you should approach the RTO where you got the first registration done and apply for  cancellation of NOC. Since the NOC details would have been mentioned in your RC Book, it is not posible to either change the name/resell/remove NOC unless it is applied to the RTO.


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