How do I get a caste certificate if I am a converted Christian? Does reservation apply for me?

Manu Manu
Answered on August 19,2019

You need to get Caste Conversion Certificate.

Conversion Certificate is a certificate issued to a citizen as a proof that he/she had converted from one religion/Caste to another. This certificate is needed to avail certain benefits provided to certain castes to which the citizen was converted.

Documents Required

  1. Ration Card
  2. School Certificates of Parents
  3. Certificate of conversion by responsible authority

Time Frame

7 days from the date of application

Regarding reservation, if you convert from a forward community to a backward community, you will not get benefits based on the change in religion. If you convert from a backward community to a forward community, you cannot retain the earlier identity for the purpose of availing quota benefits. Also, if you have availed any benefits/privilege based on your earlier caste, it cannot be taken back.

Jayaram Jayaram
Answered on August 19,2019

As per the current law, a person from SC/ST is not allowed any benefits on conversion to Christianity / Islam because these religions are foreign origin and caste-less. However, a person from SC/ST is allowed benefits on conversion to Sikhism/ Budhism because these religious are of Indian origin.

It can only be analysed on a case to case basis.

Varun Varun
Answered on August 19,2019

You can officially change your religion. You can go to magistrate and on oath declare your change in Religion. But as far as I know you can not change your caste.
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