Ente bike insurance 5 year plan(magma insurance) Anu 1 year full and 4 year 3rd party .now 1 year plan ee month validit theerum. Njn already United insurance company agent nodu.samsarichu avar parayunnad b2b and personal Accident Cover mathrame tharan pattuulluennu.njn adds on cover il gear box and consumables, invoice cover etc vennam paraju apoo avar parayunnad athu after 5 year edukan pattu llu ennu ipoo b2b and PA only ennu. two wheeler il pillion koodi insurance add cheyan pattumo sir.pinne Ivar parayunnd correct anno? Njn policy bazar il search chaithapo same United insurance all adds on cover kannichu but idv value kurachu. Enth cheyanam ?