My car (2017 model Liva) had an accident 2 weeks back. Nobody injured but the car is damaged and declared to be total loss by the surveyor. But I was told that the car will be kept for auction by insurance company, and I will get the insurance amount only after the auction. Sometimes it might get delayed also. Presently the car is in the dealer's garage and I have to pay garage charge till then. 1. Is it the govt rule to leave the customer waiting till the car is being auctioned, or is there any clause for the customer to get immediate relief? 2. If I have to wait as per the rule, is there any specific time frame within which the insurance company has to settle the claim 3. Who is liable to pay the garage charge, the customer or insurance company? 4. Do I need to cancel the registration of car before claim settlemet. Car is having a loan.