Is it safe to buy B Khata Property in Bangalore?

We prefer B-Khata property because of price advantage. As B-khata property priced less compared to A-Khata

Based on my experience, buying B-khata property in an Apartment or villa is safe.


let me share my experience of dealing with B-Khata property:

In 2012, my client booked 2BHK under-construction flat for the consideration of Rs. 26.51 Lakhs

As per the approved plan, the apartment consists of four floors and this apartment was being built on A-Khata land

In 2014, the builder almost completed the construction. My client paid the consideration of Rs. 26.51 lakhs and registered the property. Below is our registered sale deed and we highlighted sale consideration for your reference

Later, the builder constructed two additional flats on the terrace, which was a deviation from approved plan. Due to this deviation, builder could not get Occupancy Certificate (OC) from local body.

Without OC from builder, my client could not get A-Khata for the flat. Instead, we received B-Khata. Refer to the below B-Khata image

After 10 years in 2024, my client decided to sell this flat and we found buyer for the consideration of Rs. 49.50 lakhs.

(Over the 10 years, this location is well developed and posse in Varthur. Market value with A -khata is around 1Cr. Since our flat is a B-khata, market hampers valuation and buyers take advantage for deep negotiation)

From the buyer's perspective, Rs. 49.50 lakhs is a good offer, and on top of it, SBI offered a loan of 70% of buying price.

B-Khata is accepted in sub-registrar office for sale deed registration. Below is the registered sale deed and we highlighted the consideration in below image for your reference




  • We may buy B-Khata property constructed on A-khata land with minor deviation from approved plan
  • Buying B-Khata property constructed on B-Khata land is more risky and worthless. Because this kind of property may not even get approval for basic amenities of water, electricity and sewage accessibility
  • We can buy and sell B-Khata property without many issues but B-Khata property hamper valuation and ROI is not up to the expectation


We assist in the registration of B-Khata property. Please WhatsApp to +91-97424-79020

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