What is the format for an affidavit for a joint Khata transfer through BBMP SAKA online service?

When we apply for BBMP khata transfer through online (Sakala online service), Just one e-sign is accepted. As of now, no provision for multiple e-sign for one application

It means, among the co-owners, only one owner can able to represent the khata transfer application. Hence it is mandatory to submit an affidavit for joint Khata transfer, to represent an applicant.

Below is the format of an Affidavit for Joint Khata transfer.

AFFIDAVIT FOR JOINT KHATA TRANSFER (Title should come at center)

We, OWNER NAME 1 aged about __ Years, S/o __________________ and OWNER NAME 2, aged about __ Years, S/o ________________ both residing at _____________________, are applying for the joint Khata transfer for property, which is situated at No. ________________, In the ward No. ___ and zone _______________ of BBMP. PID Number/ Old Khata No/ Survey No is _____________, We both are the joint applicants for Khata Transfer, and we authorize OWNER NAME 1 for e-signing the application for Khata transfer on our behalf.

Verified at Bangalore on 20th September 2020. We swear that, the above mentioned is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

OWNER NAME 1 & Signature (This content should come at right extreme)

OWNER NAME 2 & Signature (This content should come at right extreme)

Here is the step by step procedure to execute an affidavit.

Step 1: Prepare the draft in word format

Step 2: Buy Rs. 20 non-judicial e-stamp paper from nearest co-operative bank, register office, or court. A vendor fee is Rs. 10/- additional apart from stamp value.

Step 3: Print the Affidavit draft on e-stamp paper

Step 4: Carry supporting document that is Sale deed and Aadhar. Meet notary public near you

Step 5: Notary public read the Affidavit and allows you to sign the affidavit in front of notary

Step 6: Notary public seal and sign the affidavit. Notary public make an entry in notary book.

Generally, Notary fee is around Rs. 50/- (fee is not standard, varied based on notary to notary and location)

This completes the execution of an Affidavit for joint Khata transfer.

An Affidavit looks like below image,


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