I have two pan cards. The card which I didn't use is linked to adhaar. Now I am unable to link my adhaar to my pan which is used everywhere.How can i delink adhaar from the unused pan card?

Firstly, you have to submit your duplicate Pan Card to your Income Tax Jurisdictional office with a submission letter.

After deactivation of your duplicate Pan Card you have to contact Income Tax Portal helpline for delinking of Aadhar Card to deactivated pan card. After that only you can link your aadhar to the correct Pan Number.

Possessing 2 Pan Cards in your name is a punishable offence for which penalty can be levied upto Rs. 10000/-.

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jaiprakash poonia jaiprakash poonia
Answered on February 14,2023

First of all, both PANs should be in one Jurisdiction. if one of them are not, must be got transferred from the JAO to  your JAO. 

Second, submit a request letter along with copy of Adhar, copy of PAN which you are going to retain,  original PAN which you are going to surrender and an Affidavit at least RS 50.

The surrendering pan must not be used anywhere else proceedings u/s 272B for penalty may be initiated.

After deletion of the PAN, Aadhar can be delinked from the deleted pan and will be linked to the retained pan after paying penalty of Rs. 1000 ( after 31 march 2023 it may be increased)

If name, father's name, DOB and other are not the same in PAN as per Aadhar, these corrections must be corrected in pan before Aadhar linking 

This complete procedure is time consuming and takes approximate 4-5 months.

But I can do it within 15 days. If anyone(from anywhere in India) faces PAN issues (of any kind) can contact me through taxwithus@yahoo.com

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