I get too many irrelevant records when I search for online EC using property identifiers like Flat No or Apartment No, Survey No, or Katha No. How do we fix this so that only the records related to my property appear

Due to similarity in property description, other transactions appear with your property transaction in an online EC search

For Example: My apartment number is 001 in Kaikondrahalli village, Bangalore

When I searched EC based on my Apartment number 001 in Kaikondrahalli village, 30 results were shown. It means 30 properties are registered in apartment number 001 in Kaikondrahalli village. We highlighted serial number 30 in below image for your reference



Follow the below troubleshoot to fix this issue:

If you have too many transactions in your EC search, Press Ctrl + F and a search bar appears at top right corner. Refer to below image


In the search bar, type buyer's name, seller’s name or registration number and press enter. I found my property transaction in Serial No. 4 based on the buyer's name.

We highlighted the serial number 4 and registration number in below image for your reference



Copy the registration number and paste in “Property Description”.

Suppose you have more than one registration number like sale deed, MOD and Reconveyance deed. Copy & paste all the registration numbers in “Property Description”. Each registration number should be separated by comma (,)

In my case, I want the EC of my sale deed transaction. I copy & paste my sale deed registration number in “Property Description”. We highlighted the “Property Description” with my registration number in below image for your reference.


Check the T&C boxes and click on “Proceed”. Refer to below image


Click on “Make Payment”. Refer to below image


Click on “E-Sign” and sign the application based Aadhaar number. Refer to below image


Click “Submit


In 3 working days, my signed EC was ready to download. Refer to the download option in the below image


In my signed EC, only my property transaction is shown (other transactions unrelated to my property are not shown).

My EC consists of 3 pages with only my sale deed transaction in it, sharing my EC for your reference.



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