I don't have proof of my grandfather's caste certificate, but I need cast certificate for my children. I belong to SC cast. How do I get it ?

Ravi Ravi
Answered on August 10,2019

You don't need to have a caste certificate of your parent or grandfather to prove your caste. If any of your relatives such as an uncle, aunt, etc. have caste certificate, you can use the same.

Also, if you have your school leaving certificate with caste mentioned in it, it can be used as Caste Proof. School leaving certificate of your parents, uncle, aunt, etc. can also be used as proof of caste.

Omar Omar
Answered on August 11,2019

Caste certificate of your parent or relative is required to prove your caste. However, it is not necessary that you should ONLY have a caste certificate of your parent or relative to prove your caste. You can have any of the following document as proof of your caste

  • Extract of Primary School Register of applicant or father or grandfather

  • Primary School Leaving Certificate of applicant or his father

  • Extract of Birth Register of applicant or father or relative

  • An extract of Government Service Record (book) mentioning caste/community category of applicant's father or relative.

  • Document certifying caste issued by department of social justice

  • Validity Certificate if any of father or relative which is issued by scrutiny committee

  • Copy of revenue records or village panchayat record

  • Documentary evidence in regard to the caste and ordinary place of residence prior to the date of notification of the caste

  • Other relevant documentary evidence issued by competent authority

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