How to cancel RC (Registration Certificate) ?

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Guna Guna
Answered on September 10,2019

If the vehicle is permanently incapable of use and the registered owner intends to cancel the registration certificate under section 55(1) of MV Act 1988, the registered owner can surrender the documents of the vehicle for registration cancellation.

Following documents are to be submitted at concerned Registration Section of RTO to cancel the vehicle RC.

  • Application in plain paper intimating the place of garage of the vehicle and request to cancel the registration certificate.
  • Registration Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate in case of Transport vehicle.
  • Valid Tax Card or Tax paid proof.
  • Permit in case of transport vehicles
  • Valid Insurance Certificate.

Intimation of cancellation of registration certificate to the registered owner will be sent after receipt of report from the inspecting authority, verification of tax arrears and any other cases involved.

Ankit Ankit
Answered on September 10,2019

Cancellation of RC is a legal process where vehicle is officially considered in no longer in existence or registered to anyone. RC deregistration is done by State RTO and rules and fee vary from state to state.

Procedure for RC Cancellation

  • Car is Scrapped with a car scrap dealer. Car chassis is also scrapped and chassis number is taken out by cutting metal. This is to be submitted with RTO as a proof of car being scrapped.
  • An affidavit is made by owner that car is being scrapped.
  • If car RC is lost, then NC (Non Cognizable) report copy might also be required, this depends on RTO.
  • All car documents like insurance, RC are submitted to RTO where car was registered.
  • RTO deregisters the car, generally no certificate is issued, same can be obtained using an RTI.

Manu Manu
Answered on December 03,2019

Once you cancel the RC, you can check the status of RC online as mentioned in the video below.
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