How much time does it take to update mobile number in Aadhaar ?

Dipak pawar Dipak pawar
Answered on December 04,2020

Dear aspirant,

After checking the official site of UIDAI.GOV.IN for your query the maximum days for updation in aadhar card is 90 days. In general it should take 5-7 days and at most 90 days. If there is no response after 15 days I suggest to please make a call or write a mail on the official e-mail ID of UIDAI.

Kunal Anand Kunal Anand
Answered on July 17,2021

For Mobile number update, it will take 3 days based on my personal experience. For rest it will take time average 30 days subject to document varification. 90 days limit is the maximum time. It is suggested to wait at least a month before writing them. 

Aadhaar is generated/updated successfully within 90 days if:

1. Quality of enrolment data meets prescribed standards laid down by UIDAI
2. The enrolment packet passes all the validations done in CIDR
3. No Demographic/Biometric duplicate is found
4. No unforeseen technical issues

If any of the above conditions is not satisfied, then Aadhaar generation/update for the resident may be put on hold and Aadhaar Generation/ Update/Rejection may take a longer time

Normally within 10 days of Aadhaar generation/successful update, Aadhaar Letter is printed and handed over to Department of Post for delivery to the residents as per timelines mentioned in the Department of Post Citizen’s Charter.

Source: This answer is provided by Aadhaar Sampark Kendra, UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA (UIDAI)

Hrishikesh Athawale Hrishikesh Athawale
Answered on November 22,2022

Just go to nearest post office.. In 50 ruppes your phone number will get updated.. It requires 72 hrs to update your number after submitting 

mjo mjo mjo mjo
Answered on October 07,2023

It will take maximum 3 days to update mobile number otherwise call at the number 1947 for the query. It will be delivered to you physically through post office in 90 days. But you can download it from official site a copy of your adhar card 

Teena Teena
Answered on July 07,2018

It will be updated with in a week.

Jayaram Jayaram
Answered on February 15,2019

Update of mobile number can be done only at Aadhar service center and it will take around 7 days to get your mobile number updated.

John John
Answered on February 15,2019

It will take around 5-10 days to get your mobile number updated in Aadhaar.

For Update of Mobile number/Email ID, the notification will be sent on the given mobile number/email ID and you won't receive a new aadhar card. For all other updates such as update of name, address etc., you will receive an updated Aadhar card in 90 days

Varun Varun
Answered on December 03,2019

Aadhaar update takes 5 to 90 days.
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