How do I verify if a property is registered or not?


The registered sale deed looks like below image. In the below image, we encircled the date of registration, seller name and buyer name.

Registered sale deed


Below is another page of sale deed with registration number encircled.

sale deed registration number

Below is the property schedule in sale deed.

encumbrance certificate registered


We extracted below encumbrance certificate in sub-registrar, just to cross-check if the property is registered or not.

In the below encumbrance certificate (EC),

Column 3 represents the date of registration, the above sale deed is registered on 20th March 2021, same date reflects in below EC

Column 5 represents the seller name, In the above sale deed, the seller name is Mr VIKEE, same name reflects in EC

Column 6 represents the buyer name, in the above sale deed, the buyer name is Mr ANAND, same name relects in below EC

Column 9 represents the registration number, the 5-digit registration number in sale deed matches to below EC.

property registered or not in Karnataka

In Karnataka, apply encumbrance certificate in sub-registrar office or apply online on Kaveri Online services


We assist in extracting encumbrance certificate with or without sale deed. To opt for our service, please Whatsapp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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