What is the process for changing names on property taxes in Bangalore?

Apply for Khata transfer to change the name in BBMP property tax record.

Here I will explain the step by step procedure with supporting documents that how I change my name in property tax record.

Step 1: We bought a resale property on 13th April 2016 from Mr. Faraz Rauf (seller) to Mr Manish Singh (buyer). Below sale deed image for your reference.

sale deed karnataka

Step 2: As of 2019 -2020, Previous owner name that Mr. Faraz Rauf (seller) name reflects in tax paid receipt and BBMP record. Below property tax receipt image with name circled for your reference,

BBMP Tax Receipt

Step 3: on 22nd June 2020, we applied for khata transfer. Below acknowledgment receipt form BBMP, for your reference.

BBMP Khata transfer

Step 4: On 24th Aug 2020, we received SMS from BBMP that our Khata application was approved and proceed with khata transfer fee. We paid the khata transfer fee at Bangaloreone center on 28th Aug 2020. Below payment receipt for your reference.

BBMP Khata transfer fee

Step 5: On the same day of bill payment that is on 28th Aug 2020, My Khata certificate was available on Sakala website for download.

Below is the image of download khata certificate. I have circled the new owner’s name in image. That Mr. Manish Singh

Khata Certificate

Step 6: On 28th Aug 2020, I received a call from BBMP that to collect the hard copy of khata certificate and extract from respective BBMP office.

Step 7: We collected hard copy of khata certificate and extract on 29th August 2020 and below images for your reference.

Khata Certificate Bangalore    Khata Certificate Karnataka   Khata Certificate   

Step 8: On 29th Aug, we checked on BBMP website that name was not changed yet. Still the previous owner’s name Mr. Faraz Rauf reflect in BBMP record.

BBMP Khata website

Step 9: On 31st Aug 2020, we submitted below letter to bbmp office to change the name in property tax record.

Along with this letter, attached photocopy of khata certificate, Khata extract, and current year property tax receipt. (Current year property tax must be paid. FYI)

Letter for change of name in BBMP property tax receipt

Step 10: On10th September 2020, Name was updated in property tax record. Below screenshot of BBMP website for your reference. Here we circled the new owner name that Mr. Manish Singh for your reference.

BBMP website name updated

Note: Name in the property tax record should be updated at the time khata transfer application process, but in some cases it may not be updated. In such situation we should write a letter to Asst. revenue officer, requesting to change name in record. On average, it takes around 10 days to change name in property tax record.

In a separate answer, we wrote the procedure to apply for Khata transfer in Bangalore. This answer is applicable for re-sale and new property. 

In Bangalore, we provide the service of Khata transfer & name change in property tax record. To opt for our service, please Whatsapp 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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