How can I check my land records in Nadakacheri ?

Unni Unni
Answered on September 01,2019

You can visit any of the Nadakacheri centers to check your land records. You can get the following services from Nadakacheri.

  • RTC (Pahani): Requests for RTC/PAHANI will be issued instantly to the Citizen, once the applicant raise the requests.

  • Mutation Extracts: Citizen requests for the mutation will be accepted in Nadakacheri centers. Mutation service includes issuing history of ownership of the land-based on the survey numbers. The charge is Rs 15/- per each request.

  • Khata Extracts: Citizen can instantly avail the Khata Extracts from AJSK centers by providing the basic details such as Hobli, survey number etc. The charge is Rs 15/- per each request.

  • Akrama Sakrama (94c for rural) (94cc for urban): Citizen can apply for Akrama sakrama service from AJSKs for both Rural and Urban areas. The basic details required for the same are as below

    • Property documents

    • Survey numbers in case of lands

    • Photographs of the property or land

  • The amount is Rs. 65/- fixed per each application, as of now only application requests are received.

  • Change of Khathas

  • Stays from Courts

  • Litigations

  • Rights and liability

  • Land Conversions

  • E sketches: Sketch of the property for sale from one person to other person.

  • Tatkal Application: Applications are received for bifurcating land of joint ownerships.

  • Alienations: conversions of land from agriculture to non agriculture

  • Hadbast: Is used for land marking.

  • E-swathu: marking of properties inside the Gramahana and outside the Gramathana

  • Tippan

  • Pakka Book

  • Karab Details

  • Atlas

Thiru Thiru
Answered on September 01,2019

Land Records in Karnataka is available online. Bhoomi is an online portal for the management of land records in the state of Karnataka. This portal provides the following information.

  • Land owners details

  • Type of land

  • Area of measurement

  • Water rate

  • Soil type

  • Agricultural, commercial, non-agricultural residential flood area

  • Nature of possession of the Land

  • Liabilities

  • Tenancy

  • Crops grown

You can check the below link for all details about land records in Karnataka.

Land Records in Karnataka

Mohan Mohan
Answered on November 11,2019

Check this video to find out details of your land in Karnataka.
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Bhoomi RTC - Land Records in Karnataka

Bhoomi (meaning “land”) is an online portal for the management of land records in the state of Karnataka. Bhoomi portal provides the following information. Land owners..
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