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Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

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The Government of Kerala has launched Nava Kerala Mission in  Kerala Budget 2019-20 to improve the lives of the people in the state. This initiative has been launched by the State Government to develop the state, especially after the devastating floods of 2018.

As part of the Nava Kerala Mission, the Government of Kerala is trying to implement various missions in the field of housing, health, education and sanitation. 

The 4 Missions under this initiative are detailed below.

Education Mission

  • The Education Mission, an ambitious project of the State Government, proposes comprehensive educational reforms including upgrading 1000 Government schools to international standards during the first phase.

  • The idea is not only to improve the infrastructural facilities but also to reform the teaching and learning process to the present day needs by introducing ICT enabled learning and providing smart classrooms.

  • There will be a focus on creating educational programmes which are useful for differently-abled students. It is also meant to reinforce the teaching-learning process by providing ample opportunities for each student to construct their knowledge using modern technology tools.

 Education Mission – Implementation

  • A total of 3709 classrooms in various schools have been converted to high-tech classrooms in the district.

  • Biodiversity parks too were set up in 122 schools in the district, in an attempt to augment environmental studies. Work-related to setting up of five more biodiversity parks is on.

  • As a result of various campaigns undertaken by the government to promote public education, the district saw a steep increase in student enrolment in government schools.

Life Mission

  • Mission LIFE (Livelihood Inclusion and Financial Empowerment) envisages a comprehensive housing scheme for all the landless and homeless in the State.

  • The target of the mission is to provide safe housing to nearly 4.30 lakh homeless in the State within 5 years.

How to apply for Life Mission?

  • The social and economic caste survey conducted by the Central government in 2011 will be considered to identify the beneficiary. To check whether your name is there in the Socio-Economic Caste Census, follow the below process to check it.

    • Visit SECC website

      Kerala Life Mission SECC Nava Kerala Mission
    • Select your State

    • Select Your Tehsil/taluka,

    • Select your Gram Panchayat

    • Select the type of list you want to see

    • Click on Submit button.

    • You will see the list of people who are part of the SECC  list.Kerala Life Mission SECC Beneficiary list Nava Kerala Mission

  • The field level officers will visit the identified beneficiaries for verification and will submit the relevant details and documents to local self-government institutions.

  • The list of selected beneficiaries will be published at the local panchayat/district level office.

Life Mission - Implementation

  • Ernakulam district has made it to the top of the State government’s LIFE (Livelihood Inclusion and Financial Empowerment) Mission programme in the first phase of the project.

  • The district recorded a 93.49% progress in its activities related to the mission in the first phase. In this phase, the incomplete houses were identified and financial aid was provided for these beneficiaries to complete their houses.

  • A total of 1075 were identified; 1005 houses were completed, and the work is on for the rest of the seventy houses. 

Aardram Mission

  • The government of Kerala has designed various strategies to provide an effective healthcare system with better infrastructure and quality services.

  • Aardram, the Government’s ambitious project in the healthcare sector, envisages radical changes in this field.

  • The objective of 'Aardram' mission is to deliver patient-friendly, quality healthcare services in Government hospitals and to add speciality and super speciality facilities in District and Taluk Hospitals.

  • It also envisages developing Primary Health Centres (PHC) into Family Health Centres (FHC), capable of meeting the healthcare needs of all members of the family and addressing the preventive, promotive and rehabilitative healthcare interventions of the local community.

  • When fully functional, this will enable a web-based appointment system, patient reception and registration, improved amenities in the waiting areas, etc. The Medical College Hospitals and District Hospitals will also be transformed into more patient-friendly with many enhanced facilities.

 Aardram Mission - Implementation

  • As part of the Aardram programme. as many as 14 primary health centres (PHCs) in the district have been raised to the level of Family Health Centres (FHCs) in 2017-18.

  • Apart from the regular OPs, FHCs will focus on the primary prevention of communicable as well as non-communicable diseases.

  • Maternal and child-care services, prevention of infectious diseases and proper control of lifestyle diseases will be the responsibility of the FHCs.

  • Counselling facilities too will be available at FHCs for teenagers, couples, the elderly and the drug-addicted.

  • All healthcare services implemented by the State as well as the Central government will be delivered through FHCs.

  • Various committees have been formed at the panchayat and district levels to manage and run the health centres. Enhancement of social factors that in turn give a fillip to the healthcare system will also be implemented through local self-governments, along with the help of various departments.

  • Patient-friendly initiatives have been undergoing at various hospitals in the district including the renovation of OP at the Medical College, Ernakulam. 45 % of the work has been completed on this project.

Haritha Keralam Mission

This mission is designed with the goal of sanitation in mind.

  • Waste management schemes are being planned. These will involve not only getting waste cleared out from commercial and residential places but also sending that waste to secure sites where people and the environment will not be at risk of harm.

  • Water sources will be targeted in many ways. Purification and filtration are especially being encouraged.

  • Organic farming will also be supported. This comes as many chemical-based farming solutions may be unsanitary and might harm crops.

  • The sanitation plans will help with keeping the health of people in the state under control. This will especially work wonders for the economy as farming will be safer and easier to handle.


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