LIFE Mission Scheme in Kerala

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Updated on September 26, 2023

LIFE(Livelihood Inclusion Financial Empowerment) Mission is the mission of the Government of Kerala to build free houses for all the homeless in Kerala. LIFE  mission scheme envisages a comprehensive housing scheme for all the landless and homeless in the State. 

Mission LIFE focuses on four major thrust areas: Affordable housing, improving public infrastructure, strengthening agriculture, and improving management of natural resources.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Life Mission Scheme

(a) Landless homeless

1. People belonging to the same ration card should be treated as one family and be considered for one household only. Family with current ration card. Even a person covered by that ration card should be homeless. (Not applicable to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Fishermen)

2. Families having members who are permanent employees of Government/Semi-Government/Public Sector Institutions or are in receipt of pension from such institutions should be excluded.

3. Families with annual income above three lakhs should be excluded.

4. Families owning land more than 25 cents in Gram Panchayats/5 cents in Municipality/Corporation area should be excluded. (Not applicable to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Fishermen)

5. Families owning four-wheelers other than as a means of livelihood should be excluded.

6. The landless should be excluded on the ground that they do not technically have land in their own name in case of partition to the heirs.

7. Dilapidated and unrepairable houses (Dilapidated and uninhabitable houses with walls made of mud / stone wall, tarpaulin, sheet and wood and roofed with sheet and thatch may be considered under category A). If required by the enforcement officer, the local government engineer shall issue a certificate of habitability of the house.

(b) Landless

Along with the above criteria the following criteria should also be considered.

1. Those who do not own land

2. Those who do not have land in the name of their family members named in the ration card

3. Those who own less than 3 cents of land in the total name of the family members named in the ration card

Documents Required to Apply for Life Mission Scheme

Applicants must submit the application along with the following documents

1) Ration Card

2) Aadhaar Card

3) Income certificate from Village Officer

4) Landless families Certificate from Village Officer showing that they do not own land

5) Affidavit proving aggravating factors

6) Caste Certificate (for SC/ST only)

How to Apply for Life Mission Scheme

Follow the below steps to apply for Life Mission Scheme.

First, create an account on Life Mission website.

  • Visit Life Mission Scheme website

  • Click on New Registration.

  • Provide Mobile Number and name to generate OTP.

  • OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP.

  • Complete the registration process by creating a password.

Once the account is created, login to Life Mission Website.

  • Log in to the Life Mission Scheme website by using mobile number and password.

  • On the right side, click on the right side to check whether you are eligible for the scheme.

  • On the left side, click on the left side to select the correct forms.

  • Click on "Click to Proceed"

  • In Step 1, Submit your 10 digit ration card number.

  • In Step 2, Provide the details of the applicant such as an address, aadhaar number, type of local body, caste, community etc.

  • In Step 3, Enter the details of family members. Upload any documents, if required.

  • In Step 4, enter the details about bank accounts, land/building details etc.

  • In Step 5, upload the required certificates.

  • Click on Submit Application to submit the Application.


  • Mentally Challenged/Blind/Physically Impaired.

  • Destitute

  • Persons with disabilities

  • Heterosexuals

  • Critically/terminally ill

  • Single mothers

  • Those unable to earn income due to illness/accident

  • Preference for widows

Things to be noted by Life Mission Applicants

  • Families belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Fishermen who are included in a ration card but are individual families and those who own more than 25 cents of land in Gram Panchayats and more than 5 cents of land in Municipal Corporations in these categories can apply if they meet the other 5 criteria in the eligibility criteria.

  • Families who are included in the Life Beneficiary List 2017 but are not eligible due to various reasons can apply.

  • Those whose name is in PMAY/Ashraya list but did not get benefit from T list should now submit fresh application. Those who have been found eligible in the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Fishermen Beneficiary List currently being prepared by LIFE Mission need not reapply.

  • Those who are eligible in Life 2 and 3 stages but have not yet received assistance do not need to apply again. They will get assistance as part of the existing list.

  • If aplication is submitted through Akshaya Centre, a charge of Rs 40 will be payable.

Difficulties and Documents to be Submitted

1. Families with mentally challenged/blind or physically challenged family members

Document to be submitted - Medical Board's Certificate/ Doctor's certificate not less than Assistant Surgeon.

2. Beneficiaries of Agati / Ashraya Scheme

Document to be submitted – Certificate issued by CDS Chairperson or Member Secretary.

3. Families with more than 40% disabled members

Document to be submitted – Certificate from Medical Board.

4. Heterosexuals

Document to be submitted - Certificate of Doctor not less than Assistant Surgeon.

5. Families with members suffering from critical/terminal illness (dialysis due to cancer/heart disease/kidney failure/stroke etc.)

Document to be submitted – Certificate from treating doctor.

6. Families headed by single mothers

Document to be submitted – Certificate from Village Officer.

7. Headed families unable to live by employment due to illness or accident

Document to be submitted - Treating Doctor's Certificate/Self Attesting Affidavit .

8. Families with widowed head and members without fixed income (widows with sons above 25 years of age not to be considered)

Document to be submitted - Death certificate of husband/Village officer's certificate to prove widowhood and self attested affidavit of no fixed income.

9. Families with HIV positive members.

No need to upload documents.Verification will be done later.


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