Where to get Orignal RTC in pdf format in Karnataka ?

Shivakumar Shivakumar
Answered on July 24,2019

If you want to download RTC in pdf format, you need to follow the below steps. Follow the below steps to download Bhoomi RTC in pdf format.

  • Select "Services". Click on "i-RTC"

Bhoomi i-RTC

  • Enter First Name, Last Name

Bhoomi Online

  • Enter Mobile Number, Email and Aadhar card number

  • Click on Fetch details and View RTC

  • After viewing your RTC, you have the option to click on Pay and Download option.

  • Fee for downloading RTC is INR 15.

George George
Answered on November 11,2019

Check this video to find out details of your land in Karnataka.

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Bhoomi RTC - Land Records in Karnataka

Bhoomi (meaning “land”) is an online portal for the management of land records in the state of Karnataka. Bhoomi portal provides the following information. Land owners..
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