What is Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds in home loan? Why State Bank of India insist on register MODT and how do I register for a property in Bangalore?

The bank and borrower signs the MEMORANDUM OF DEPOSIT OF TITLE DEED (MODT)

The MODT consist of information about bank, borrower(s), loan amount and property schedule. MODT should be registered in sub-registrar office to record your home loan debt, this debt list in the encumbrance certificate of your property. This means that debt listed in the encumbrance certificate will be reconveyance once the debt is paid in full

Registering MODT in sub-registrar office protect the lender and gives the lender the legal right to take the property as payment if lender default the payment.


Context: My client borrowed Rs. 85,00,000 from State Bank of India (SBI) to finance his residential property purchase in Bangalore. Property locate in BBMP limit.

Let me share my experience that how we register the MODT in Bangalore.


Documents: require to register MODT

  • Exemption letter in bank’s letter head
  • Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed (MODT)
  • Self attested ID proof from bank’s authorized signatory
  • ID proof of borrower(s)

Below is the image of exemption letter. It means that SBI is exempted from personal appearance for registration in sub-registrar office. We highlighted section 88 in below image


Below is the image of MODT. This document has the details of borrower, loan amount and property schedule


Below is the image of self attested ID proof from bank’s authorized signatory



To register the MODT in sub-registrar office, we need to submit an application on Kaveri Online Services. On Kaveri Online, once the documents are verified by sub-registrar office, make the payment and book the registration slot

Here is the weblink to submit an application https://kaveri.karnataka.gov.in/landing-page

Login using your username, password and captcha, refer to below image



In the home page, click on Start a New Application. Refer to below image


Click on DOCUMENT REGISTRATION, refer to below image


Prerequisite for Document Registration, click on Continue. Refer to below image



In Article and Sub Article, select the following options from dropdown list:

  • ARTICLE: Agreement relating to deposit of title-deeds,pawn or pledge
  • SUB ARTICLE: 6 (1) (II) - Deposit of Title Deed (DTD) more than 10lakhs

Click on Continue. Refer to below image



In Type of Document, select NON-AGRICULTURAL. Refer to below image



Jurisdiction: As mentioned in above context, the property locate in BBMP jurisdiction in Bangalore. so we select Others. Refer to below image

  • (If property locate in BBMP, CMC, BDA, BMRDA jurisdiction, select Other)
  • (If property locate in panchayat jurisdiction, select e-Swathu)

DISTRICT: Select BBMP from dropdown list and select following options from dropdown list

  • WARD NUMBER : BBMP Ward No. 5 (check you ward number in your property tax receipt)
  • INDEX II: VILLAGE : Jakkuru
  • Zone : BBMP
  • ROAD : Select your apartment or developer name in dropdown list. In my case, both my apartment or developer name is not listed so I selected Converted Site at top of the list
  • PROPERTY NUMBER TYPE : Select Flat No/ Property No. /Villa No from dropdown list
  • PRESENT PROPERTY NUMBER DETAILS : Entered my flat number
  • Total Area (in Sq. Meter) : 168.99 (entered my super build-up area)

Refer to below filled image


Click on Add More. Refer to arrow mark in below image

  • PROPERTY NUMBER TYPE : Select Survey No. from dropdown list
  • PRESENT PROPERTY NUMBER DETAILS: Entered property Survey No.

Refer to below image


Similarly you can click on Add more and add as many property details as you want

Click on Submit & Continue. refer to below image


Based on the property information we provided above, below image is the property result