How to transfer property from husband to wife after death? It's a BBMP property in Bangalore

Death of your husband can be devastating and on top of it, figuring out the documents & transferring the property can be complex affair.

I have seen many wives struggling to understand the property transfer after the death of husband. They are often tricked by relatives and close family members.

Since you are here, we are going to explain the detailed procedure to transfer the property from deceased husband to wife.


To transfer the property from deceased husband to wife, we need to obtain two important documents, They are,

  1. Family Tree certificate from Revenue Department
  2. Khata Transfer from deceased Husband to Wife


Let us set the context based on a real example:

Mr.Nagarajan is the husband of Mrs.Nagammal

On 26–05–2014, Mr. Nagarajan and Mrs.Nagammal jointly purchased 3BHK flat in Kattriguppa, Bangalore. We encircled the owners' names in below sale deed

On 03–03–2016, Mr Nagarajan and Mrs Nagammal obtained joint khata from BBMP. Refer to below Khata certificate & extract

Owners have been paying property tax regularly, Below is the current financial year tax receipt (2022–23)

On 07–10–2021, Mr Nagarajan died in a Hospital. Refer to below death certificate.


We followed below steps to obtain Family Tree Certificate from Revenue Department

Step 1: We need the following documents to apply for Family Tree Certificate.

  • Family Tree Affidavit (shared the image below)
  • Family members Aadhaar
  • Death Certificate (shared the image above)
  • Tax paid receipt (shared the image above)

Step 2: We made the below family Tree Affidavit on non-judicial e-stamp paper. Notarized the affidavit from notary public near my place