What are the stamp duty and registration charges for rental agreement registration in Bangalore?

Registration of rental agreement is mandatory for a rental period of more than 11 months

Below are the government charges for registration of rental agreement

  • Stamp Duty: 1%
  • Registration fee: 0.5%
  • Scanning fee: Rs. 500 (approx)

Formula to calculate stamp duty and registration fee: Average annual rent + GST at 18% + Security deposit

For example:

  • Monthly rent Rs. 25000
  • Security deposit Rs. 1,00,000
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Average annual rent: 25000X12/12= 25000
  • GST at 18%: 25000*18% = 4500

Formula & Calculation : Average annual rent + GST at 18% + security deposit so 25000+4500+100000= 1,29,500/-

  • Stamp Duty at 1%: 1,29,500 X 1% = 1,295
  • Registration fee at 0.5%: 1,29,500 X 0.5% =647.5 (round off Rs. 648)
  • Scanning fee: Rs. 500 (approx)

Hence the total government charge is Rs. 2443

We must pay the above government charge on K2 website and generate the K2 challan before the registration of rental agreement in sub-registrar office.

Renter, rentee and two witnesses must present in sub-registrar office for registration of rental agreement.



Registration of rental agreement is option for a rental period of less or equal to 11 months

In Bangalore, most of the residential rental agreements are made for a period of 11 months, post the 11 months, agreement would be renewed for another 11 months on the mutual concern of owner and tenant

11-month rental agreement made on Rs. 200 non-judicial E-Stamp paper. 11 month agreement looks like below image



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