What are betterment charges and How much is it in Bangalore ?

Harish Reddy Harish Reddy
Answered on July 24,2019

Betterment charges have to be paid to upgrade from B Khata certificate to A Khata certificates.

There are two types of properties. A-Khatha certificates are issued for properties which have been developed as per the sanctions. There will be valid licenses and approvals. If you possess A-Khata certificate, you will be able to take loans from banks and financial institutions without any issues.

If there are valid sanctions and approvals, B-Khatha certificates are issued. The certificate denotes that the tax to the property is being paid to the Government. B Khatha is not valid Khatha extract. You will not be able to get loans from financial institutions.

However, owners of B khata properties can upgrade to A khata by paying a fee known as Betterment Charges along with appropriate documentation.

As per 2014 data, BBMP collect a betterment charge of INR 200 per square meter in its 100 old wards, and INR 250 per square meter in the remaining 98 wards of New Bangalore

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