My Father's name on my educational certificates and Adhaar and rest of Id proofs are different. Adhaar and Id proofs have one name. Educational certificates have a different name. Name on adhaar is what we are using and is correct. Now changing my educational certificates is a herculean task. What are my options now as passport kendra will reject my application ? If I get an affidavit,what name should I go with name on educational certificates or Adhaar?

The document submitting with passport application should contain correct particulars. If any document contains error, you can submit another document containing correct partculars. If all your documents contain erroneous entries, then you should get it corrected prior to applying for passport.  You may visit  website ( for list of documents for proving your personal particulars, education and address.

If there is a minor variation in your father's name on the mentioned documents, your file may be accepted as per your matriculation certificate.  In case you do not want your father's name as the matriculation certificate on your passport, you are advised to get the same rectified or submit a document of higher education on which the spelling is correct.

However, to be on the safer side, it is advised to update your father's name in aadhar card and other ID's as per educational certificates and apply for passport accordingly. 

Source : This answer is generated from the reply received from the helpdesks of multiple Regional Passport Offices across India.