I intend to sell my flat 2 years later in Bangalore. This year end I’m leaving for overseas. Can I execute a power of attorney to sell on my behalf for my father? How much will it cost and till when is it valid?

Yes, possible to sell the flat 2 years later through power of attorney

Can give the power of attorney for father to sell on your behalf.

  • We should register the power of attorney at sub-registrar office 
  • Sale and conveyance cause should mention in power of attorney
  • Mention the validity in Power of attorney itself like 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, or till the mentioned task completes. 

Below is the cost to execute registered power of attorney in Bangalore

  • Stamp Duty; Rs. 200
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 200
  • Scanning Fee Rs, 350


As an alternative, we can execute power of attorney once you found buyer. And as soon as buyer made token advance for sale to proceed. 

Below is the cost to execute Power of Attorney from overseas, favoring your father who is in India 

  • Notary in Overseas: $20-50
  • Courier cost from overseas to India: Rs. 2500
  • POA adjudication in India: Rs. 200 (Stamp Duty)


We assist in executing Power of Attorney in India and overseas as well. Please WhatsApp +91-97424-79020.

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