I have recharged my FASTag account, but it is still showing as blacklisted at toll plazas?

You have to get it unblocked from your FASTag issuer bank & maintain a minimum balance threshold of 150/- to not get it blacklisted in future.

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neeraj maurya neeraj maurya
Answered on February 02,2021

My fastag is Paytm.

In paytm app, we goto --> Paytm fastag --> manage Paytm fastag. Here the vehicle no. is there with "active" message.

If this is not 'active', the toll plaza scanner won't recognize and show the fastag as blacklisted.

Also, in Paytm case, the balance is transferred from Paytm wallet whenever any amount is deducted.

We face similar 'blacklisted' issue in the case of low balance in the wallet. Do check with which bank the fastag is linked. Also, the customer care centre is very supportive.

Renu Renu
Answered on October 29,2019

Once you have recharged your FASTag account, it will take at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to reflect in your FASTag account. During this period, if you pass through any of the toll plazas, adequate balance will not be there in the FASTag account. If adequate balance is not maintained by the customer, the FASTag gets blacklisted at the toll plaza. In such a scenario if the customer travels through a toll plaza without recharging then he won't be able to avail the NETC services and would be required to pay the toll fare through cash.

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