I don't know where I lost my BMTC bus pass. How can I get another student bus pass?

Raghu Raghu
Answered on February 14,2020

You can check the below link to get all the details about BMTC bus pass.

How to get BMTC Student Pass (2020-21) ?

Rahul Rahul
Answered on February 11,2020

For filing a police complaint about lost bus pass, if you don't remember the exact place where your bus pass is lost, mention the place where you have last seen it.

You can apply for the new smart card from the BMTC website, provided the link is activated on the BMTC website. Follow the below steps to apply for the BMTC bus pass.

  • Visit BMTC Bus website.

  • Click on "Student Pass" tab.

  • Choosing any of the options under "Apply For New Student Pass".

BMTC Student Pass Apply Online

  • Enter SAT/PU enrolment number or admission numbers for non state board students and others. (admission number is the unique number given by the institution at the time of student’s admission)

  • Enter details of caste/school/ standard/ college year etc.

  • Go through the OTP verification process (the OTP will be sent to the mobile number entered in the student pass application)

  • Wait for approval from institution/BMTC (an SMS will be sent notifying the approval)

  • On receiving the SMS of approval, book an online appointment for visiting the nearest pass issuance counter. For online scheduling and rescheduling of appointment, click on "Schedule / Reschedule Appointment" in the "Student Pass" page.

  • Enter the required details to book the appointment.

  • Appear in person and get yourself photographed in the selected pass counter.

  • Collect your card from the issuance counter.